About Us


  • We are a Fintech Platform Startup Company providing easy alternative financing solutions to Traders / Exporters / Importers / SMEs. We eliminate the distance between international Traders and Trade Facilitators. We are on a mission to help Traders unlock their growth potential by offering innovative solutions to procure Capital in a Quick and Efficient manner, without pledging any Collaterals. Our Processes are Simple, Paperless and Driven by Technology. Our processing times are unbelievably Low compared to Banks and other Financial Instituitions.

Problems we solve

  • Major Percentage of Mid-Size Exporting companies are denied WC Loans against Trade receivables due to Process related Checks + Balances
  • Exporters / Traders suffer due to Payment cycles– Own Money unusable as stuck in Txns
  • Many Docs & Collaterals needed by Banks even if Exports are Insured
  • TAT for such process is Long & Painful. Partly defeats the purpose
  • Insurance Claim issues with Govt Bodies such as ECGC